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Eufy Robovac 11+ Review

I work in the field of industrial robotics and traffic management, so I may have different expectations from such eufy robovac 11+ reviews. I owned three original, more famous robot jacks, and I always felt that none of them was designed to work in a real family environment (carpets for playgrounds, pets, children, etc.). They have always been noisy and not very effective. They looked more like a gadget "I have a fashionable robot" than an effective tool. They easily broke down and it's not easy to run again. I saw a review combined with a low price warning on one of the many blogs I read, and I accidentally bought this thing eufy robovac 11+ I would put it in my shopping cart, then to look at it when we placed a quick order for something, and did not check the contents until the order is completed.

I was ready to send it back, but I can not let the gadget be next to me without checking it. The design looked good and seemed like something I had to play with. The big button on top mocked me.

I've been running it every day since then. It's quiet, and the amount of dirt, hair, etc. D ... he takes me every day. We always sit in the middle of this mud. It easily moves around the rugs, including with a tassel at the ends with ease. I'm sure that the algorithm for moving objects in other kinds of robot was better, but algorithms do not really matter when the gadget can not effectively perform its main task. I have 3 unused, perhaps more than one year, that were dismantled in my store and they go into the garbage bin (after hacking in several useful things).

For many years we had several early roomba models, and we were mostly unhappy with the overall suction power, noise and pickup for 300 ~ 500 dollars vacuum cleaners. After our 4th broken Roomba, we had enough. We found this little stone in what seems too expensive to be true. Skeptical, but curious, we chose this "little eufy robovac 11+, who could" at his own whim, not expecting that he would get a very reasonable price.

There are two types of cleaning: dry and wet. Let's look at them in more detail so that you understand the advantage and significance of wet cleaning.

Dry cleaning

This is the main function, which is almost all robots vacuum cleaners. In this mode, the robot rakes with its side brushes all the debris and dust. The floor is cleaned with a spiral brush. All rubbish and dust are collected in a special dust collector.

The better the model, the more garbage collected. If you take a budget model, then some of the garbage, dust and dirt will remain on the floor.

Wet cleaning

Wet cleaning is not available for simple robots vacuum cleaners. If you take an elite model, for example "iClebo Arte YCR-M05", then there will necessarily be a wet cleaning function. This is a very useful function, thanks to which the floor will be even cleaner and disinfected

Wet cleaning is carried out with a wet wipe. The napkin is made of microfiber. Thanks to this, cleaning becomes more efficient and quality.

If you do not need to do a full cleaning, but only wet, you can turn off the dry cleaning. As a result, floors will be clean and fresh. It is worth noting that such cleaning will be much faster. Since the main dry cleaning function will not be activated.

Additional filters

In addition to all this, advanced vacuum cleaner robots have special disinfecting and antibacterial filters. The more filters, the better.

This overgrown hockey puck eats more socks and wandering underwear than our dogs! The suction on this compact little dusty demon is so strong that the exhaust port on its side obscures our curtains from 5 feet, while in MAX mode.

Did I mention how loudly this guy gets? No, not again. Our Euphy is one of the quietest (if not the "quietest") vacuums that we have ever owned. You sit there watching your shows and suddenly ... Boop! You are scared when this little ninja dust brush is against your ankle. On both sides there are sweeping brushes, so you know what this means business.

Do you want you to plan cleaning while you are at work? No problem! The same time each day, keeping the dogs on their feet while we are at work.

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